The differences between cartridge and toner cartridges


As we all know, printer play an important role in our daily life and we can see the printer almost everywhere. However, many people do not know the differences between cartridges and toner cartridges.

As a matter of fact, we should call the toner cartridges organic photo conductor. At the same time, although we called it toner cartridge, it does not have the selenium or it just has very little selenium the price of the selenium is higher than the price of golden. The reason why we call it toner cartridge is that people made the toner cartridge with inorganic material – selenium at the very beginning. Since 80s, the toner cartridge has been made by organic light guide material for the reason that not only the price is low but also it can reduce the pollution. Nonetheless, people have already got used to this name so people still call it toner cartridge.

Toner cartridge has a variety of uses. For instance, laser printer, fax machine and copying machine need to use it. From structural point of view, toner cartridge has two structures. One is integral type while another is disconnecting type. Integral type is that installing the toner cartridge and the organic photo conductor together into one unit so the whole toner cartridge has to be exchanged when the carbon powder run out or the organic photo conductor damaged. In a general way, HP and Canon use this type. Disconnecting type is that the carbon powder and the organic photo conductor were installed in different units. The lifespan of the organic photo is normally long. When the carbon powder runs out, users just need to exchange into the new carbon powder so that it can reduce the cost.

However, when it comes to the cartridges, it is used in ink jet printer which is filling with ink. Some cartridges have spray head like HP while other cartridges do not have spray head like Epson. No matter copying machine, fax machine or laser printer, the toner cartridge plays a very important role in it.

In a word, on account of that the cartridge is not only related to the printing quality of products but also the cost of using, the user should understand the situation of cartridge before buying.



With the development of society and technology, more and more people choose the more convenient way to save their time. They choose to print the documents instead of transcribing. Therefore, the printer emerged at the proper time. In other words, it means that the cartridge is necessary.

When it comes to the classification of cartridge, to sum up, it can be divided into one-piece cartridge and split type cartridge.

One-piece cartridge is to integrate the spray head on the cartridge. It means that it changes into a new print head when you exchange a new cartridge. If you use this kind of cartridge, it not only can realize the high print resolution but also can ensure the quality of printing. As the cartridge exchange, the quality of printing will not descend because of the abrasion of the ink gun. However, the physical design of this kind of cartridge increases the cost and its price is high.

Split type cartridge is the product which separates the print head and cartridge. The starting point of the physical design is to reduce the cost of printing. The print head can be kept using when the cartridge is in vain for the reason that this kind of cartridge does not integrate on the print head. It means that it not only simplifies the process of assembling and disassembling but also reduces the opportunities of artificial damage. But this kind of cartridge has obvious flaw. As the working time increased, the quality of printing will gradually descend until the print head beaks down if the print head can not be exchanged in time.

Cartridge plays an important role in printer. Whether it is good or not affect the quality of printing directly. To some low side printer, the price of two cartridges is equal to one printer. Therefore, when you buy the printer, you should fully consider the situation of the cartridge.

In most cases, if you want to buy the better merchandise, you have to pay more. For example, you just can buy good cartridge with high price in most company in South Africa for the reason that their procurement is much more difficult than us. It just like the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” The higher price you pay the better quality you get. But here is good news for you. Now you can buy a good cartridge with high quality while the price is low which will satisfy you.

The development of cartridge


As the saying goes, “the circumstance of the world is either isolation or combination.” As far as I am concerned, the saying can not be more suitable for the cartridge any more. From the original multicolor integration, the black and white separation to the single color separation, everything witnesses the process of development of cartridge. However, it seems that this change is a result which was made by manufacturer on purpose instead of a replacement of natural law.

The initial cartridge is that many colors are put in one cartridge. However, its disadvantage is that the coefficient of utilization is not very high. The reason is as follow. As a result of that you print with different colors, the consumption of different colors is different. Once one color ink runs out, the whole cartridge has to be exchanged although other color ink still has not run out.

Therefore, it not only brings more meaningless investment to users but also leads to the severe ink pollution. In general, many other color inks have not run out in the junked cartridge but a drop of ink will pollute tens of cubic meters. In order to increase the coefficient of utilization and reduce the pollution, the cartridge transit from united to separation. Using this compound mode is because printing needs to consume a lot of black ink which lead to the rapid consumption of black ink. Once the black ink run out, the whole cartridge will not work. Therefore, it is necessary to isolate the black ink alone.

There is another saying goes in China, “the higher is the price, and the better is the quality of the merchandise.” It means that the price will be higher only if the quality of the merchandise gets improved.

With the development of science and technology, people can use the ink-jet printer to manufacture the body organ which can be transplanted. For now, scientists have already “printed” the exact stem cell. What’s more, the scientists apply this technology to an entirely new field to explore the ways of printing 3D dimensional structure of cells.

In a word, although it will be some time before the scientists succeed, we still believe that the “cartridge” will help the scientists make good use of stem cell in some way.

How to clean the cartridge


No matter in stationer, home or office building, we can almost see printer everywhere. Both the documents you need in the meeting and a business card you give to others, you need to use the printer to print them. It can not be denied that printer plays an important role in our daily life. When it comes to printer, cartridge makes a great contribution to it for the reason that the printer can not print without cartridge.

Cartridge is an important part of printer for the reason that whether it is good or not affect the printing quality. At the same time, cartridge is the part which is easy to be broken down.

The ink jet printer will print unclearly and appear break line and break point, if you do not use the ink jet printer or use it for a long time. At this moment what you need to do is to clean the printing head. Most ink jet printer clean the printing head automatically when you turn it on. It also has a “clean” button. For example, most canon ink jet printers have the function which are speed clean, normal clean and deep clean. However, if you still are not satisfied with the printing after cleaning for several times, the ink probably runs out and you need to exchange the cartridge. But you’d better not to take the cartridge down when the ink have not run out. Otherwise, it will waste the ink and lead to the measurement error. In general terms, you don’t need to take the cartridge out unless you will not use the printer for a long time. Because it not only prevents the ink go bad but also ensures the life time of printing head.

If the automatical cleaning does not work, it means that the blocking is very serious. It normally causes by the printer haven’t been used for a long time or the printing head do not reset. You can use a syringe facing toward the printing head and suck the rest ink. This is a way of cleaning to save the ink.

You have to prepare to take your printer apart and do as follow if the way mentioned above still doesn’t work. At the very beginning, you should turn off the power and pull out the plug. Secondly, you need to take the moving axis apart and twirl the belt. And you also need to wash the printing head with distilled water. Then you should make an injection system with a syringe and a soft tube. In the end, you need to insert into the aperture and wash it.

Many people know that the cartridge is very expensive so they cherish it and use it carefully.

How to extend the lifespan of cartridge


Cartridge plays an important role in printer for the reason that printer can not print without cartridge. The price of one printer is equal to the price of two cartridge especially some low side printer. Many people know that the cartridge is so expensive that they reduce the cost in a variety of ways to extend lifespan. In this article, we are going to talk about the ways to extend the lifespan of cartridge, including false exchanging ink and refilling the ink.

Some printers measure the consumption of ink by means of calculating the amount of printing character instead of probing the ink in the cartridge. But many manufacturers fill the ink in the cartridge which is much more than the rated consumption of ink for the purpose of insurance. In this case, we can exchange the ink falsely and turn the “counter” into zero. Then the original cartridge can print again as long as there is some ink in the cartridge. This is the way of false exchanging ink.

If you are not satisfied with the printing after trying the above way, you can try to refill the ink. The ways of filling black and white ink and color ink in Epson printer are different. The way of filling black and white in the cartridge is as following. You should bring out the black cartridge and use the disposable syringe to absorb 7ml-8ml ink when the light is on. Then you need to inject the ink which is in the disposable syringe into the ink hole. Please remember to pay attention to the speed you inject. At the same time, you also need to wipe the ink which is near the ink hole with tissues. At last, you can use the printer after cleaning once or twice. However, if you want to add the color ink, the process is similar but it is more complicated. Because you need to operate for three times with three disposable syringes and the ink you inject each time is different.

As a matter of fact, on one hand, refilling the ink can extend the lifespan of cartridge; on the other hand, the spay head is easy to be blocked because of it. You need to weigh the advantage and the disadvantage for the reason that refilling the ink is also damage the lifespan of cartridge. The spay head is expensive as well.